Deep Sea Fishing Tour in Mombasa

1 - 3 Days




Sitting in the fighting chair during Global Star Tours deep sea fishing excursion in Kenya is an exhilarating experience! Even if you are a seasoned angler, the thrill of reeling in a giant is almost unimaginable, and Mombasa being the prime spot for such deep sea excursions in East Africa. In fact, many fishing records have been set in the same waters where you will be trying your hand at catching one of these magnificent oceanic creatures.

The most iconic of the large giants are sailfish and marlin, both of which are found in the deep waters of Mombasa. Sailfish are the most abundant and challenging to hook, but their acrobatic displays make every frustrating moment well worth the effort. The three types of marlin are blue, striped and black, and it is the blue marlin that gives you the fight of your lifetime! Known for their power, these billfish fight with incredible speed and agility, often changing directions. The frantic pace will surely leave you exhausted. Between August to October, large yellowfin tuna weighing up to 200 pounds enter the waters, although smaller yellowfin are present year round. When you hook one, the powerful fish may dive deep, and while fishing for tuna, you may be lucky enough to catch fishes like barracuda, dorado, giant trevally and kingfish. One of the fastest fishes in the ocean is also found here – the Wahoo, and when you come upon one, prepare for a chaotic frenzy that may result in a cut line.

The teaser of the Indian Ocean is the kingfish and all you may see is a glimmer of color just below the surface as this aquatic life takes bites from your bait. Other fish that may taunt you are skipjack, varieties of tuna and kawakawa, and when you need rest from the fighting chair, enjoy a refreshing beverage and watch for dolphins, whale sharks and humpback whales. Deep sea fishing tours in Mombasa are offered as a four, six and eight hour excursions, and for the most hardcore anglers, multi-day trips.

If you are interested in fishing for tuna and wahoo, Global Star Tours recommends that you plan your excursion in September and October, and for marlin, you should visit Mombasa from December through March, and sailfish are best from September onwards. No matter when you come to Mombasa you will have one of the most heart-pounding deep sea fishing experiences of your life! A strict tag and release policy is followed for billfish and shark, and captain of the boats are members of the Kenya Association of Sea Anglers, International Game Fish Association and African Billfish Foundation. Your cost includes beverages, gear and bait and you will need to bring a packed lunch from your beach hotel for longer excursions. We can assist you with organizing that too. Because you are out on the open ocean, we also recommend that you bring sunscreen, hat and sunglasses, as well as a camera to catch all the action, because your family and friends back home will find it hard to believe that the big one really did get away
Price: From $620 per person


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