Mamba Village Tour

1 - 3 Days




Mamba Village, East Africa's largest crocodile farm, is a "must see" during your exploratory beach vacation in Mombasa if you have not seen any crocodiles on safari.
Each section of the estate offers a unique experience, and the most popular is the crocodile farm where these aquatic reptiles are displayed. Your tour of the farm begins with a video presentation that introduces you to many reptile species and the valuable roles they play in the ecosystems of the world and the fascinating facts, such as the longevity of the species on earth, bite force and average life span, will give you a greater appreciation for these prehistoric animals. While touring the crocodile farm, your guide will enlighten you about the crocodile life cycle and behavior while you view live crocodiles of every size, from hatchlings to fully-grown adults. Some crocodile displays are labeled with a description of age, length and weight, and one of the most predictable events at the farm is the daily crocodile feeding where the giants fight for fresh meat.

While the crocodile farm is the most popular area of the village, Global Star Tours guests may also enjoy horseback riding on its small estate and beginners can even take lessons, or you may prefer the more outlandish camel riding. Should you have time, take a leisurely walk through the botanical gardens before enjoying a meal at the village restaurant that features a range of game meats, such as crocodile, zebra, ostrich and many other choices

Price: From $45 per person


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