Scuba Diving Tour in Kisite Marine Park

1 - 3 Days




Coral reefs are some of the world's most popular dive sites and the reefs in Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park are some of the best on the planet, whether you are taking your first dive or your thousandth. The gentle sloping wall of the reef at Kisite extends from 2 to 32 meters below the surface and almost every nook and cranny is filled with marine life living within the hard corals and constantly darting about are schools of vibrant fish, such as spadefish, blue-lined snapper, fusiliers, surgeonfish and many others. Also vying for your attention are parrotfish, moorish idol, giant sweet lip, several types of butterflyfish, a variety of angelfish, turtle starfish, octopus, just to name only a few of the 360 species that you may see!

Dolphin encounters frequently happen as there are several pods of these curious aquatic mammals in the park. Choose from seven dive sites with minimal current ranging in depth from six feet to more than one hundred feet (two to thirty-two meters). Beginning divers may prefer to remain at the shallowest sites which are Inner Kisite, Kisite Point, Kisite Garden and Kisite West. For more experienced Global Star Tours divers, the deep wall dive at Nyuli starts at 90 feet (28 meters) and goes down to almost 105 feet (32 meters). Large schools of reef fish and pelagic are drawn to the area due to the two currents that bring in food, but the currents also mean that divers should be experienced and plan to dive at slack tide. As you head down the wall, you may see blackfin barracuda, Napoleon wrasse, grouper, pilot fish and trevally. At the bottom of the wall, you reach a small cliff and the sandy bottom where you may observe a reef shark.

Another wall dive is known as the "Secret Place," a soft coral garden filled with oysters, sponges, malabar grouper, batfish and transparent glass shrimp. If you prefer a drift dive, Harm's Drop Off starts at 39 feet (12 meters) with a total depth of 105 feet (32 meters) and you may have to look closely to find the marine life that hides in the ocean coves
Price: From $255 per person


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