Snorkeling In Mombasa Marine Park

1 - 3 Days




For your snorkeling excursion in Mombasa Marine Park, you sail on the Indian Ocean in a motorized dive boat or a glass-bottom boat, giving you an uninterrupted view of the life that teems below the surface. If the tide is low, you will walk across the receded beach waters of the solidified coral rocks before sailing off to the open water to snorkel above the coral reef and beds of seagrass. Snorkeling gives you a unique way to view the underwater realm without unsettling the marine life.

You float effortlessly on the surface, remaining largely unnoticed by the aquatic creatures that are only feet below you. You have a front row seat to watch the dazzling display of colors, textures and shapes that move in and out of the coral, and just beyond, a larger form emerges from the shadows and for a moment, you wonder if the stealthy creature is hunting its prey or just passing through. With so much activity on the reef, you may find it difficult to keep track of the fish species you see or even keep an eye on one particular fish that catches your attention. Some fish move at a more leisurely pace while others seem to dart constantly about with no real direction or> Either way, you are sure to be entertained and thrilled with your Global Star Tours snorkeling tour in Mombasa Marine Park.

Price: From $130 per person


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