Tana River White Rafting Experience

1 - 3 Days




Add a bit of thrill-seeking to your action-adventure holidays in East Africa with a white water rafting trip along the Tana River located approximately 60 miles (95 kilometers) from Nairobi. The excellent rapids on the river will excite even the most seasoned rafter while offering first-timers the opportunity to learn the skills needed to safely and successfully navigate the rapids.

This day excursion bookable via Global Star Tours encompasses a combination of rapids and calm waters for around 7 miles (12 kilometers), ending with a delicious barbecue lunch at a campsite. The tour begins with a short stretch of Class II and III rapids so that you can learn the necessary paddling skills, followed by a drift in calmer water that lasts about one hour, giving you time to take in the scenery and scan the trees and river to locate and identify many of the more than 110 bird species that are found in the area.
The final four miles begins with Class III rapids and paddling skills and commands are reviewed before heading into the first of three Class IV and Class V rapids known as Captain's Folly, Can of Worms and Sphincter Flexor followed by smaller rapids before ending at Spasm, a heart-pounding whitewater section with a series of drop
Price: From $175 per person


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