Tsavo East Day Safari

1 - 3 Days




Just 65 miles from the island of Mombasa is Bachuma Gate, the entry point to Tsavo East National Park. Here you will safari across immense savannah plains that are dotted with thorn bushes, stands of acacia trees, scrublands and woodlands, all teeming with herbivores and carnivores. Your authentic wilderness trip to East Africa should include the majestic Tsavo East National Park. Together with Tsavo West National Park, this 4535 square miles (11,747 square kilometers) wilderness forms the spectacular Tsavo National Parks (totaling 20812 sq. km or 8035 sq. miles), the largest park in Kenya and noted as one of the largest wildlife sanctuary on the planet! Tsavo East National Park, though, holds its own esteemed credits and is known as one of the greatest biodiversity sites in the world. With easy access to the park from the coast of Mombasa, Global Star Tours guests travel across immense savannah plains that are dotted with thorn bushes, stands of acacia trees, scrublands and woodlands. The rolling topography lulls you into a dream-like state as you uncover the varied ecological and historical treasures. The massive Yatta Plateau emerges from the horizon, and before you know it, you are sitting at the very site where molten rock from Ol Doinyo Sabuk Mountain had formed one of the longest lava flows on earth. The rocky outcrop known as "Mudanda Rock" is another breathtaking geological structure that extends 1.6 kilometers along the plains. At the base of the immense rock is a watering hole where you catch your first glimpse of animals drinking. The Athi River weaves its way along the landscape lined with doum palms. As you follow the meandering river, you arrive at Lugards Falls where the water is squeezed through narrow openings in strangely eroded rocks. The change in pressure creates a wonderful series of rapids that eventually end in pools where crocodiles await a tasty meal from an unsuspecting thirst antelope. This is where the river meets the adjoining tributary from the Tsavo River to form the Galana River that runs all through the park and all the way to the coast of Watamu as the renewed Sabaki River. You may also see man-made structures that tell the story of human history, including railway travel, exploration and wartime battles. Tsavo East also has the seasonal Voi River, which originates from the highlands of Taita Hills, running along the park where it partly drains at Aruba Dam and the remaining drains all the way to the Gedi, near Watamu. Some of Kenya's largest elephant herds are in Tsavo East Park, so you will likely see these grey-skinned animals in several locations. What you may not expect, though, is the color of their skin being partly red. These elephants dust themselves with the red-brown Tsavo murram soil, so photographing them creates evocative images that are the envy of many visitors. Prides of mane-less lions, some sharing the DNA from the man-eater lions of Tsavo along with herds of buffalos are also been frequently seen in the park. Dispersed amongst these animals are giraffes, zebras, lesser kudus, coke's hartebeests, grant's gazelles, klipspringers, impalas, waterbucks, gerenuks, hunter's hartebeests and many more sought-after fauna In the rivers, you may see hippos enjoying the refreshing water that cools them throughout the day. Bird lovers find a paradise of resident and migratory species as more than 500 species have been recorded in Tsavo East. You are sure to have a discerning Kenya birding tour of a lifetime should you sight the kestrels and buzzards that respite in the park during their migrations. Global Star Tours welcomes you to wonders of Tsavo East National Park, easily accessible from the coastal beach resorts of Mombasa, Malindi, Watamu and Kilifi, and we look forward to designing the perfect African wildlife focused safari that will exceed your expectations  
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